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November 30, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 12:14 AM
:iconmr-ripley: (The Talented Mr. Ripley) This artist truly knows how to make a damn good Photomanipulation...:jawdrop: The detailing of his work shows a great deal of patience and masterful skill...The overall impact of his work displays a dynamic imagination that is very effective at catching the eye of the viewer....His gallery is without a doubt a, "Must See"...:iconawesome-plz:
The Dragon Slayer by Mr-RipleyOut For Dinner by Mr-RipleySwing When You're Lonely by Mr-RipleyI Can't Stand the Moon by Mr-RipleyCat Away by Mr-Ripley
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:iconnotvitruvian: Is a very creative artist with a wonderful grim style I really like...:iconblackbangplz:...Possessing a strong unique style  is a hard thing to do on here; with so many people making an endless amount of  artworks, but Mike is doing rather fine excelling in that area...I've gotten to where I can recognize his outstanding pieces without even seeing the name and there's not many I can do that with.
Snowfall by NotvitruvianThe Collector by NotvitruvianFaet by NotvitruvianEastern Promise by NotvitruvianReplenishment by Notvitruvian
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:iconbibiarts: I have much respect for this amazing artist...I can clearly see that they are a caring and supportive for her art...Completely Outstanding!!! If you don't believe me...take a look at these five thumbs shown below...:D...If you do believe me...please check out her gallery and give some truly deserved love...:iconcool-smileplz:
Autumn by BiBiARTsIndian Summer by BiBiARTsBanished by BiBiARTsI'm Late by BiBiARTsAbyss by BiBiARTs
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:iconmi-eterna-primavera: This watcher/artist is very new to me and the five thumbs selected below are a few of what I find to be very impressive upon my first view into their beautiful gallery...Why not grasp an eye full for yourself right here... mi-eterna-primavera.deviantart…
:thumb339813848:Cold embrace by mi-eterna-primavera:thumb335271356::thumb337005210::thumb339982399:
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:iconchrisma60: Though rather new to me, she seems to be quite a friendly artist...Her kindness is out matched by one thing though.....Her "Art"t and its wondrous variety...:wow: Upon browsing her gallery I liked what I saw and simply cannot wait to see more...:eager:
Manitu by Chrisma60SmallFalcon by Chrisma60Soul Of Darkness by Chrisma60Life in the Dark by Chrisma60Deep Unknown by Chrisma60
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Enjoy some tasty Deserts...:chew:
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FadedI fade in, fade out.
I'm not living today.
I'm only part of yesterday.
Back when things were simpler than this.
I'll fade in, fade out.
Forgotten today.
A memory of yesterday.
Back in those times simpler than this.
I'm faded in, faded out.
A scourge of today.
A  beautiful memory of yesterday.
Back, I'll stay in the times simpler than this.
I've faded in, faded out.
Nothing in today.
I'll live on in yesterday.
Back, staying in times simpler than this.
Fade in, fade out.
Moved away from my home of today.
You can find me in yesterday.
Back, alive in time simpler than this.

:onfire: :onfire: :onfire:
Your heart belongs to me forever...Memories...Memories of her. Her golden hair, waving at the wind...
Her red lips - his pale lips onto her lips. Her fragile body, hugging his strong one...
Beautiful memories of her...The blind girl... Those sapphire eyes were cursed to never see the beauty of this world.
They were blessed to never see its ugliness...
He had loved her more that he had intended to...At first he wanted to help her...
At the end he wanted to keep her heart only for him...
And her? What about her?...Did she love him too?
Her excited face whenever he called her name was more than enough proof for her love...
Although she never said it...
No matter how many times he had begged , she never admitted that she loved him.
Unlike him, who never wasted any chance to declare his love...
That was a little strange, wasn't it?
But their feelings were the same. He was sure about that...
And even if they weren't , he would make sure that they would become...
She was his...And he was hers.
'' Finally, my love...Your heart

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This one says it all!!!!
Stay Awsome! by KauaiHawaii
Click me!...Click me!...Click Me!!!

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